Created 10/28/2018 at 04:45PM

Image of server room

Hosting is essential to getting a store, blog, or any website online. You don't want to spend an unnecessarily large amount, but you don't want a terrible quality host that leaves you with a slow service. Price is a huge factor, but what technological requirements does your website have? Do simply need HTML, CSS, and some image files hosted? Or, do you need something for your Flask blog that requires Python support? (Like this one! 😊)


I prefer a combination of Vultr for hosting and GoDaddy for domain management. Both are well known and extremely reliable. So why should you choose Vultr for hosting over the competition?? And how could I make this recommendation for everyone? Vultr allows you to add a payment method or load credit on your account and then deploy as many servers as you need. It also provides incredible documentation for setting up a web server; however, if you're setting up a WordPress website they offer a one-click install option for you as well as some other products. If you need any additional help configuring your server then you only need to Google how to's for whatever OS you chose. Their two starting plans are also incredibly cheap and all you really need for a blog like this one.

If you'd like to use Vultr you can head over with my link here.